NSWI145 - Web Services

Summer 2022 exams

On-site exam terms are in SIS. You need to have the credit for homework before signing up for the exam.

Basic information - summer 2022

  1. The lectures and tutorials in 2022 will run normally, the materials used are provided on this webpage.
  2. The lecture slides contain speaker notes with what is typically said on the lecture.
  3. Each tutorial has a series of tasks to be tried out. Again, note the speaker notes identifying common pitfalls and how to avoid them.
  4. Each tutorial has a homework assignment to be completed and stored in a git repository such as GitHub or the university's GitLab in the designated folder and before the next tutorial!
  5. Make sure I have access rights to read the repository and create issues. Enter the https link usable for cloning the repo in the study information system, e.g. https://github.com/jakubklimek/jakubklimek.github.io.git.
  6. The problems identified by me in the homework are to be corrected with the next assignment.
  7. You can do the final exam if and only if you did all 10 homework assignments successfully and on time.

Lectures - Wednesdays 9:00 in S4

  1. 2022-02-16: Web Services prerequisites, YouTube (English)
  2. 2022-02-23: WS architecture and Introduction to SOAP, YouTube (English)
  3. 2022-03-02: WSDL, YouTube (English)
  4. 2022-03-09: Details of SOAP, YouTube (English)
  5. 2022-03-16: WS-*, YouTube (English)
  6. 2022-03-23: UDDI, YouTube (English)
  7. 2022-03-30: WS-BPEL, YouTube (English)
  8. 2022-04-06: REST, YouTube (English)
  9. 2022-04-13: Introduction to Linked Open Data (LOD), YouTube (Czech), YouTube (English)
  10. 2022-04-20: RDF, RDFS, Serializations, YouTube (Czech)
  11. 2022-04-27: SPARQL, YouTube (Czech)
  12. 2022-05-04: Semantic Web Services, YouTube (English), Solid, WebID, Linked Data Platform and Social Web Protocols, YouTube (Czech), YouTube (English)
  13. 2022-05-11: No lecture - sports day
  14. 2022-05-18: No lecture

Tutorials - Thursdays 12:20 in SU1

The easiest way to go through most of the examples unless stated otherwise is to use JDK 8. Newer JDKs are missing some WS related libraries, which need to be supplied extra, and there are common version issues. Examples tested in Eclipse IDE 2021-12 for Enterprise Java and Web Developers. Bring your own laptop with required SW installed, if possible.

  1. 2022-02-17: Prerequisites tutorial (HTTP, XML, tools). Prerequisites:
  2. 2022-02-24: SOAP 1. Prerequisites:
  3. 2022-03-03: WSDL
    • Git repo folder for homework: 03-wsdl
  4. 2022-03-10: WSDL+SOAP, SAAJ
  5. 2022-03-17: CXF, WS-*. Prerequisites:
  6. 2022-03-24: UDDI. Prerequisites:
  7. 2022-03-31: WS-BPEL. Prerequisites:
    • Apache ODE 1.3.8 WAR distribution in Tomcat 9
    • Optionally, in Eclipse (for Java EE), install BPEL Commons, BPEL Runtime Adapter for Apache ODE 1.3, BPEL Visual Designer - see slides
    • Git repo folder for homework: 07-bpel
  8. 2022-04-07: REST. Prerequisites:
  9. 2022-04-14: LOD introduction
    • Git repo folder for homework: 09-lov
  10. 2022-04-21: RDF, RDFS, Serializations
    • Git repo folder for homework: 10-rdf
  11. 2022-04-28: SPARQL
  12. 2022-05-05: Solid
  13. 2022-05-12: No tutorial
  14. 2022-05-19: No tutorial